A Surprise Engagement | West Meadow Beach, Stony Brook NY | Jessica Michelle Photo

Saturday I was able to be a part of a big surprise for my sister in law, her engagement! 

Saturday I was able to be a part of a big surprise for my sister in law, her engagement!

Chris had planned everything out and only kept a couple of people in the loop to make sure no one let out any of the details. Liz convinced Cait to go on a walk with Sully at West Meadow Beach since the weather was nice and ended up not raining. As soon as they left Chris let me know it was go time, we jumped in the car and raced there while he changed into his suit like a ninja in the back of the car. We arrived at the same time at the girls so we stayed back just a little before parking so they didn’t see us! Once we were parked it was on to the hardest part…. we had to JOG about a mile on the beach to get to the location where it would happen. Crunched for time we couldn’t not run. Luckily we made it with about 5 minutes to spare. We pat the sweat off from our brisk run and get settled into our hiding spots. When they got to the spot Liz walked behind the shed and Chris walked out. The rest is history! Thank you Chris for letting me a part of such a big and personal moment ♥

Congratulations Cait and Chris – we are all so happy and excited to celebrate your wonderful life together!

A few deep breathes before the big surprise.


She said YES!!



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Jessica Michelle Photo - A Long Island Maternity, Fresh 48 & Family Photographer

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