It’s a Girl! – Fresh 48 Session – Stony Brook University Hospital, Long Island, NY

I met Nicole at my event back in August at our local baby boutique, Cribs n’ Bibs, and we hit it off right away. She brought in her beautiful daughter Mable and told me she was expecting in October. She love the idea of a fresh 48 session since they were still doing renovations on their house and it would be a mess for a at home session.

We were set and ready for her section date in October and she was not finding out boy or girl until the birth! Which is pretty exciting for everyone. I was away in Nashville doing a newborn session for a childhood friend and only expecting to hear from another mom due the previous week. When I returned home and was able to get to my email I saw that she had emailed me – she had gone into labor on her own and IT WAS A GIRL. I was able to shift some things around on the calendar and get to the hospital the next day. There I met baby Ada – alert and absolutely as cute as a button. Aside from my two very wild children I had never had such an alert baby – let alone one that was 3 weeks early and only 29 hours old! After a little time with just Ada big sister Mable and Dad arrived. I just adore how this session turned out. long-island-fresh48-lifestyle-newborn-photo-session-stony-brook-hospital-port-jefferson-suffolk-county-new-yorklong-island-fresh48-lifestyle-newborn-photo-session-stony-brook-hospital-port-jefferson-suffolk-county-new-yorklong-island-fresh48-lifestyle-newborn-photo-session-stony-brook-hospital-port-jefferson-suffolk-county-new-yorklong-island-fresh48-lifestyle-newborn-photo-session-stony-brook-hospital-port-jefferson-suffolk-county-new-yorklong-island-fresh48-lifestyle-newborn-photo-session-stony-brook-hospital-port-jefferson-suffolk-county-new-yorklong-island-fresh48-lifestyle-newborn-photo-session-stony-brook-hospital-port-jefferson-suffolk-county-new-yorklong-island-fresh48-lifestyle-newborn-photo-session-stony-brook-hospital-port-jefferson-suffolk-county-new-yorklong-island-fresh48-lifestyle-newborn-photo-session-stony-brook-hospital-port-jefferson-suffolk-county-new-yorklong-island-fresh48-lifestyle-newborn-photo-session-stony-brook-hospital-port-jefferson-suffolk-county-new-yorklong-island-fresh48-lifestyle-newborn-photo-session-stony-brook-hospital-port-jefferson-suffolk-county-new-yorklong-island-fresh48-lifestyle-newborn-photo-session-stony-brook-hospital-port-jefferson-suffolk-county-new-yorklong-island-fresh48-lifestyle-newborn-photo-session-stony-brook-hospital-port-jefferson-suffolk-county-new-yorklong-island-fresh48-lifestyle-newborn-photo-session-stony-brook-hospital-port-jefferson-suffolk-county-new-yorklong-island-fresh48-lifestyle-newborn-photo-session-stony-brook-hospital-port-jefferson-suffolk-county-new-yorklong-island-fresh48-lifestyle-newborn-photo-session-stony-brook-hospital-port-jefferson-suffolk-county-new-yorklong-island-fresh48-lifestyle-newborn-photo-session-stony-brook-hospital-port-jefferson-suffolk-county-new-york



More info on sessions I offer are here – Jessica Michelle Photo







Author: jessicamichellephoto

Jessica Michelle Photo - A Long Island Maternity, Fresh 48 & Family Photographer

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