365 Project – January 2017 – Jessica Michelle Photo

January 2017’s portion of my 365 project. Capturing the everyday life happening around me.

In December I decided starting January 1st I would embark on a 365 day project. It is where you take a photo everyday and can be anything you want YOUR project to be about. I was inspired to do this because I always feel I’m not doing enough of my own family as I am for everyone else that hires me. Even more so I don’t have very many of my little guy so I am aiming to do more of him though this project.

SO here are the first 31 days (minus the one day I missed) of 2017. Hope that you guys enjoy it – you can keep up with me on a daily basis over on my Instagram and Facebook page too. day1_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday2_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday3_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday4_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday5_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday6_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday7_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday8_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday9_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday10_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday11_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday12_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday13_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday14_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday15_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday16_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday17_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday18_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday19_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday20_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday21_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday23_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday24_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday25_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday26_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday27_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday28_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday29_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday30_jessicamichellephoto_365dayprojectday31_jessicamichellephoto_365dayproject


Author: jessicamichellephoto

Jessica Michelle Photo - A Long Island Maternity, Fresh 48 & Family Photographer

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