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Since our new arrival is just weeks away I wanted to share some of my favorite things for new baby and moms. These are each things that I have used with both of my previous newborns and will be using again, and truly find essential for the first few months if not the first year.

Favorites for Newborns and Mom

For Baby
1 – These booties are crazy comfy and super cute! They come in a huge variety of colors and 3 sizes. With each of my babies being born in winter or leading up to it I found these great for an extra layer on the feet to keep them warm, AND they don’t come off!
2- SwaddleMe’s were my saving grace with Emily when she was born, I was terrible at swaddling and she liked a nice snug wrap to calm down and fall asleep. These made swaddling quick and easy.
3 – Swaddle blankets! I have used several brands but always come back to the Aden + Anais ones, they are soft, versatile and come in a variety of prints. Oddly enough I rarely ever used these for actually swaddling, I found them to be really great for putting over baby in the car seat, on the floor for tummy time and as a breathable shade over the stroller on super sunny days.
4 – I got this as a gift from a veteran mom and I am so glad I did! I found it to be SO useful for many stages of the first year. From giving my arms a break from holding and nursing to a spot for baby in the bathroom while I showered. It’s been passed off to friends and family and each time they love it.
5 – Cloth diapers aka burp rags. Seriously skip the pretty ones and just get these, they are absorbent and durable. You’re not going to care what they look like at 2 am when spit up is flying around.
6- The Nose Frida! I know some are seriously grossed out by this and honestly so was I at first. But then when it worked and my baby finally felt some relief from the serious congestion I was a firm believer in the Frida. We still use this occasionally for really stuffy days with saline spray on the big kids.
7 – I have this specific bag but really any backpack style diaper bag is amazing, especially with two or more kids in tow. The amount it holds in comparison to a regular diaper bag is beyond words. On top of that when you have no hands to carry a bag or wearing a carrier and the bag constantly slips off your shoulder they are so helpful!
8 – This could be my favorite thing I’ve had since having a baby, the Ergo carrier original which I prefer over their newer 360 for a few reasons. If I didn’t want to lug in the stroller or couldn’t bring the stroller this was amazing to have. Like at the grocery store where I needed space in the cart and free hands this allowed me to make that happen. Or when #2 came around and #1 wanted to go to the park I could keep up with her and still hold onto baby.
For Mom 
1- The Everyday Mother is a little journal for all the little things you’re suppose to keep track of and more. This is the only thing that I haven’t used before because it’s pretty new. Jackie created it after having her first son and she has really though it all out and it’s gorgeous to boot. It’s also nice to support a small mom run business that is local to me. Mine’s already sitting next to the rocking chair ready to use.
2 – Not only is this essential for the newborn days but also during pregnancy. I LOVE my camelbak! I seriously take it everywhere with me and find it so essential for the breastfeeding days where I’m always thirsty and only have one hand to get some hydration. The flip top spout and the fact it doesn’t leak or spill also makes it a huge hit with kids always running around and knocking it over.
3 – A good cozy pair of sweat pants or pjs is always essential, preferably in dark colors because we all know that leaks postpartum happen.  I learned this the hard way with my first and ruined my favorite pair of pj pants.
4 – This tank is hands down my favorite I have one in each color they make. It’s useful and looks nice, plus it comes from my favorite store. I usually would just pop on a cardigan over it if I needed to go out in the early days.
5 – So not just for the newborn days but I use this on the regular. The clean freak brand works really well and not overly scented for me. I was apprehensive to get on the dry shampoo bandwagon but once I tried it I was hooked.

For Baby

1- Cozie Fleece Baby Booti

2- SwaddleMe swaddlers

3 – Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets

4 – BOPPY Newborn Lounger

5- Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers

6 – Nose Frida

7 – Skip Hop Forma Backpack

8 – Original Baby Carrier Black Camel

For Mom

1 – Everyday Mother Journal

2 – CamelBak Eddy Water Bottle

3 – Aerie activewear pants

4 – Nursing Henley Cami

5 – Not Your Mother’s® Clean Freak® Unscented Refreshing Dry Shampoo

Hope you enjoyed my list, what was your favorite thing for the newborn days? So many new things have hit the market since Edward was born.

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