Radio Silence – Jessica Michelle Photo – Marin County Child Photography

Man how easily I had forgotten how hectic newborn life was … let alone life with a 2 year old too. Combine the two and you see where I stand. Slowly but surely things are picking up here and I’m finding my work flow. I want to make myself post here at least once a week with some beautiful shots from the work week. Stay tuned to see if I can keep up with that. He is past the newborn stage and already four (4!!) months so hopefully I can do it.

To keep you entertained for now here is some shots of Emily – my darling two and a half year old. Playing outside while said little brother naps. She has had this dress since she was 11 months old and wore it in her first birthday photos. At this rate she could wear it until she’s six as a shirt. She petite and lanky but boy does she make up for it with personality!!

Playing outside and doing her ballerina moves.

Playing outside and doing her ballerina moves.

Until next time – Jessica

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