Tips to capturing the Holidays! – Jessica Michelle Photo – Long Island Photographer

You can’t always be so lucky to be married to a photographer like my husband – so here are some tips to capture your holiday festivities! Wether it with your smart phone or dslr you got as a gift this past year make sure to take it out and really capture the family moments together.

Follow the light

Nothing is worse than a poorly lit photo! Take the time to stop, observe and adjust the exposure to make sure your getting what you want before moving on. On your phone this can easily be done by tapping on the screen and moving the exposure slider up or down. Light can come from so many different options – like your bright christmas tree. Explore your surroundings and really take it all in.


Capture the candid moments 

Sure the kids holding up their presents with big smiles on their faces is a great memory too, but the best is watching them open them and seeing how they react when that is going on. Watching grandma & grandpa interact with the kids, big hugs upon arrival, reading a book or just sitting together taking in the time together. Capturing the unposed can be just as good or better as the posed ones that everyone always gets.

jessica michelle photo 365 day project documenting everyday port jefferson long island new york january 2017day8_jessicamichellephoto_365dayproject

Take an adventure & play

Getting outside or doing something not only yields better light but makes for fun memories had and captured! Last year during our winter break it SNOWED! For us the kids had never seen, touched or played in the snow having lived in California on the coast. Watching them suit up and dig in and have a blast was something i’ll never forget. Don’t limit yourself though getting out also means meeting santa, taking a fun holiday adventure to the tree farm to cut down your own tree or getting hot cocoa at the local coffee shop. Cocoa mustaches are completely adorable.


Change up the perspective

Take the chance and give your little ones a moment to capture what they want – you may be surprised when they come back with at least one or two cute shots. Get down low and on their level and shoot. Shoot from above, though a window or door. Get creative and change it up a little.

jessica michelle photo 365 day project documenting everyday port jefferson long island new york january

Get in it the frame

I have to admit this is a really hard one for me a lot of the times. Not because I don’t want to be in the frame but because I get SO caught up in taking all the pictures! So while everyone is gathered around take a moment to set up your camera and set a timer or hand it off to another person and hop in the frame. Because you were there too!

You might even be surprised when you do hop in the frame and can’t monitor whats going on!

Lastly at the end of the day, the best photos are the ones you take…the ones just for yourselfAll of the happiness captured, the meals shared, and the time spent together they are the memories that make up this season. So, do your best to take the photos that matter to you, but more importantly — also take time and put the camera down to experience it for yourself.